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Willows Class 2019 (42 images)

Christmas Nativity 2018 (26 images)

The Story of a New Born King Year R & KS1

Science Week 2018 (21 images)

Standalone Farm 2018 (23 images)

Pancake Races 2018 (14 images)

Intra-school Sports Competition December 2017 (15 images)

KS1 Intra-school Sports Competitions On Tuesday 12th December KS1 held 2 multi-skills competitions where they had to complete different activities under timed conditions. The children were split into their houses and then had to work as a team to score as many points as they could within an allotted time on each activity. The results were: Competition 1: 4th place: Dahl 3rd place: Kerr 2nd place: Lewis 1st place: Donaldson Competition 2: 4th place: Lewis 3rd place: Donaldson 2nd place: Dahl 1st place: Kerr Congratulations to all the children in KS1, we also awarded values awards to several children because many of them were showing the values of teamwork, perseverance and determination! We were very proud of the children!

Outdoor Learning (10 images)

Autumn afternoon (52 images)

Harvest Loaf 2017 (14 images)

Outdoor Learning (13 images)

Ocean Commotion (120 images)

Whole School Beach Day (183 images)

SPORTS DAY 2017 (115 images)

Easter 2017 (41 images)

Salcey Forest 2017 (100 images)

World Book Day 2017 (42 images)

Pancake Races 2017 (34 images)

Sports Day 2016 (83 images)

Caythorpe PGL 2016 (69 images)

World Book Day 2016 (35 images)

Acorns - Godly Play - October 2015 (13 images)

Jo Gaunt came to work with the Acorns. They learnt the story of the Good Shepherd and talked about what makes them sad/feel scared

Elms 2015-2016 (8 images)

Jonah and the Whale (55 images)

Key Stage Two Production 2015

Year 4 Residential (69 images)

Sports Day 2015 (93 images)

Salcey Forest KS1 trip (99 images)

On June 17th, Elms and Willows went on a trip to Salcey Forest. The children made boggarts and green men, woodland art and built dens. The day ended with a tree top walk. It was a brilliant trip!

Cedars 2014 (45 images)

Mark Cryer - Great Britain Decathlete visits Meppershall (97 images)

We had a very exciting day. Mark started by talking to the whole school and then took each class for athletics training!

Acorns Class (17 images)

VE Day 2015 (41 images)

A day to celebrate...a Royal Baby, a General Election and the Seventieth Anniversary of Victory in Europe Day

A Parliament of Owls (27 images)

Boggarts and Greenmen (14 images)

The children in Elms have been designing their own Boggarts (a mischevious spirit) and Greenmen (spirits of the forest) as part of their topic. The pictures show both the designs and the finished project - stunning!

Elms 2014-2015 (82 images)

Spring Fair 2015 (17 images)

Midsummer Night's Dream (61 images)

The whole school worked together for a day to make props, learn lines and put on a performance of Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream"

Pop up maths March 2015 (9 images)

Mrs Allen set the children a number of maths challenges around the school. The children have been solving these challenges together and enjoying the investigations.

World Book Day 2015 (30 images)

An amazing array of characters came to school on 3/3/15. Here are a few of them!

Snow February 2015 (20 images)

Key Stage One Inter-schools Athletics Competition (13 images)

On Friday 16th January, I took a team of 12 KS1 children to Cranfield University to compete in an athletics event. The children competed against 10 other teams and were placed 6th after the final event. They had to compete in a range of events which required many different skills. These included, throwing, catching, balancing, running and skipping tasks. The children were really well behaved both on the coach and during the event. All of our competitors tried their very best and some were very tired at the end of the day. I was so proud of our team and was really pleased with their positive attitudes and sense of fair play. Well done. Mrs Lyon

Elms - Year 1 and 2 (25 images)

World Book Day 2014 (14 images)

Sports Day 2014 (63 images)

Easter Egg Hunt and Easter Hat Competition 2014 (27 images)

A big thank you to MAPTA for organising our Easter Egg Hunt. Well done to everyone who made such amazing Easter Hats. A lot of time and effort went into these amazing hats and they were all fabulous!

Pancake Races 2014 (34 images)

Chinese New Year 2014 (18 images)

31st January 2014 The children had been making things for Chinese New Year. We wore red and had a special assembly to show each other what we had been doing. Kung Hei Fat Choi!

General School Photos (11 images)

General School Photos